1) Paul is good at tennis. He ... tennis very well. a) plays b) is playing 2) It’s very noisy! Mark ... to rock music. a) listens b) is listening 3) 3. Many birds ... south every summer. a) fly b) are flying 4) 4. Most students ... these days. a) don't smoke b) aren't smoking 5) 5. ... the computer at the moment? a) Does Mr Black use b) Is Mr Black using 6) 6. Jack usually ... to work on Saturdays. a) goes b) is going 7) 7. Dick isn’t at home now. He ... а student with his project. a) helps b) is helping 8) 8. .......... ? No, look, it’s sunny. a) Does it rain? b) Is it raining? 9) 9. Cats ... very well in the dark. a) see b) are seeing 10) 10. You look nice, Ann. ... а new dress? a) Do you wear b) Are you wearing 11) 11. Japan ... many high mountains. a) has b) is having 12) 12. Every morning John ... at 7.00. a) gets up b) is getting up 13) 13. I’m sorry. I can’t help you at the moment. I ... . a) wash up b) am washing up 14) 14. ... to the theatre tonight? a) Do you go b) Are you going 15) 15. I ... а pain in my shoulder. a) have b) am having 16) 16. Jerry often ... pictures of different animals. a) paints b) is painting 17) 17. Derek is good at tennis but he ... very often. a) doesn't play b) isn't playing 18) 18. She’s not ready – she ... dinner. a) cooks b) is cooking 19) 19. ... glasses? a) Do you always wear b) Are you always wearing 20) 20. Turn the TV off – nо one ... it! a) watches b) is watching

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