1) I ... tennis every Sunday a) play b) am playing 2) We ... our dog every morning a) feed b) are feeding 3) Tsssssh! Mary ... now a) reads b) is reading 4) - Where is John? - He ... in the park  a) runs b) is running 5) Alice usually ... a bike a) rides b) is riding 6) I never ... at 6 o`clock a) get up b) getting up 7) Look! The lions ... a) jump b) are jumpling 8) - What is this music? - Jane ... the piano a) pays b) is playing 9) - Hello! What are you doing? - I ... a car a) drive b) am driving 10) - What is in your cup? - I ... tea a) drink b) am drinking 11) The cat ... on the tree now a) sleeps b) is sleeping 12) The cat ... in the bathroom every day a) sleeps b) is sleeping 13) They love baseball. They ... baseball every evening a) play b) are playing 14) Ha-ha-ha! The monkey ...  a) dances b) is dancing 15) My friend ... a horse well a) rides b) is riding

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