1) These jeans are too big. I need a ... a) scarf b) belt c) top 2) It was a very expensive restaurant, so he wore a ... jacket and a tie. a) smart b) spotted c) tight 3) My mum has long ... hair. a) bald b) baggy c) wavy 4) Her dad is usually quite ..., but he was laughing too. a) serious b) selfish c) generous 5) I love my aunt Sheila. She's very talkative and ... a) shy b) lazy c) friendly 6) Does your uncle have a ... or just a moustache? a) beard b) ring c) coat 7) I ... sleep well last night. a) didn't b) don't c) wasn't 8) Where ... my earrings, mum? a) you put b) you did put c) did you put 9) What ... yesterday at 5 o'clock? a) you were doing b) were you doing c) you doing 10) We .. in the park when suddenly it started to rain. a) walked b) walking c) were walking 11) They ... looking when the boy crossed the road. a) didn't b) wasn't c) weren't 12) While Jess was walking to school, she ... a famous singer. a) was seeing b) saw c) sees 13) Guess what ... yesterday - I put my phone in the washing machine! a) happened b) left c) saw 14) I fell over in P.E. this morning. It was so ... a) embarrass b) embarrased c) embarrassing 15) We're both wearing the same T-shirts! ... funny! a) What b) Who c) How

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