1) The mouse is ... (small) than the cat.  a) smaller b) smaler c) more small 2) The puppy is ... (big) than the rabbit.  a) biger b) bigger c) more big 3) Your car is ... (fast) than mine! a) faster b) fastter c) more fast 4) Bananas are ... (cheap) than pineapples.  a) cheapper b) more cheap c) cheaper 5) My cat is ... (old) than my dog. a) oldder b) older c) more old 6) Angela is ... (tall) than Betty. a) tall b) more tall c) taller 7) Pandas are ... (slow) than lions. a) slower b) slow c) more slow 8) The cats are ... (weak) than the tigers. a) weakker b) weaker c) more weak 9) Bears are ... (strong) than monkeys. a) more stronger b) stronger c) strong

Comparative, Starlight 4

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