1) What is the Capital of Australia? a) Canberra b) Sydney c) Melbourne 2) What is the name of the island of the Southern coast of Australia? a) Whitsunday b) Lord Nelson c) Tasmania 3) In which Australian city is Bondi Beach? a) Melbourne b) Darwin c) Sydney 4) What is the name of this famous rock in the centre of Australia? a) Olgas b) Uluru c) Wave 5) What is " The Australian Outback" a) Seaside resort b) Mountain c) Vast uninhabited area 6) Perth is situated in which part of Australia? a) North b) South c) East d) West 7) Which state is Surfer's Paradise located? a) Victoria b) South Australia c) Queensland d) West Australia 8) What state are the Blue Mountains located? a) New South Wales b) Victoria c) Northern Territory 9) Alice Springs is located in which state? a) Victoria b) Northern Territory c) South Australia 10) Which of the following states has a coastline on the Southern Ocean? a) Queensland b) Northern Territory c) Western Australia d) New South Wales 11) Perth is a city in which state? a) New South Wales b) Victoria c) Western Australia d) Queensland 12) Which famous river runs through Australia? a) Murray b) Kanger c) Swan 13) Which is the nearest international gateway airport to the Kakadu National Park? a) Sydney b) Perth c) Darwin d) Melbourne 14) Hunter Valley is famous for a) Glaciers b) Volcanoes c) Vineyards d) Geysers 15) What is the name of the train that runs from Adelaide to Darwin? a) The Chin b) The Orient c) The Kangaroo d) The Ghan 16) Which one of the following is an attraction in Western Australia? a) Monkey Mia b) Kakadu National Park c) The Great Barrier Reef d) The Apostles 17) Kangaroo Island can be found off the coast of which state a) Northern Territory b) Victoria c) South Australia d) Tasmania 18) What is the name of this attraction found in Sydney? a) The Opera Bridge b) The Sydney Harbour Bridge c) Harbour Bridge 19) The Rocks can be found in which Australian City a) Adelaide b) Melbourne c) Sydney 20) The Australian Capital Territory is located entirely in which state? a) New South Wales b) South Australia c) Victoria 21) The Indian Pacific runs from a) North to South of Australia b) East to west Australia 22) Where would you find "the Pinnicles" a) South Australia b) Northern Territory c) Western Australia 23) What is Coober Pedy well known for? a) Gold mining b) Opal mining c) Coal mining 24) Shark Bay is located in a) New South Wales b) Northern Territory c) Western Australia d) Tasmania




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