When We Two Parted - A painful memory of the end of a relationship, Love's Philosophy - A persuasive poem in which a man tries to convince a woman to be with him, Porphyria's Lover - A destructive love poem in which a lover is murdered, Sonnet 29 - A true love poem which uses nature to show the poet's dedication to her lover, Neutral Tones - A poem about the end of the relationship, The Farmer's Bride - A poem about unrequited love , Walking Away - A poem about children growing up, Letters From Yorkshire - A poem about a long distance relationship, Eden Rock - A poem about the poet's memories of his parents. This poem also explores death, Follower - A poem about the changing relationship between parents and children and the cycle of life, Mother, Any Distance - A poem about moving out and the impact it has on parents and children, Before You Were Mine - A poet imagines her mother's life before she was born, Winter Swans - This poem explores hope in a relationship on the rocks, Singh Song! - A poem about true love from another culture, Climbing My Grandfather - A poem about the relationship between a child and his grandfather,

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