1) You can add a slide from another presentation file? a) True b) False 2) Slide ___________ allow you to create layouts and templates that are common to all slides? a) Masters b) Templates c) Standards d) Styles 3) ______________ masters are used to make global changes on all slides? a) Child b) Parent c) Template d) Standard 4) ___________ masters appear layouts in the 'New Slide' command? a) Standard b) Child c) Parent d) Template 5) After inserting a downloaded video in PowerPoint you can trim in exactly the right place? a) True b) False 6) You can not link YouTube videos in your PowerPoint presentation? a) True b) False 7) __________ recording is used to demonstrate something o your computer and can be added to your presentation? a) Film b) User c) Screen d) Video 8) The controls for running your presentation can be found on the ________ _______ ribbon? a) Home b) Review c) Add-ins d) Slide Show 9) To run your presentation, click 'from beginning' icon or press the ___ key? a) F3 b) F4 c) F5 d) F7 10) You can export your presentation as a video file? a) True b) False

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