1) They usually ... camping every summer. a) go b) goes c) are going 2) John ... TV every night. a) is watching b) watches c) watch 3) Ben ... the dog at the moment. a) is walking b) walks c) walk 4) We ... our grandparents every Sunday. a) visit b) visits c) are visiting 5) What are they ... about now? a) talk b) talks c) talking 6) ... listening to Rock music? a) Is she enjoying b) Does she enjoy c) Does she enjoys 7) Do parrots ... in the jungle? a) lives b) live c) living 8) Does Bob ... basketball at the weekends? a) is playing b) plays c) play 9) Are you ... at holiday photos? a) looking b) look c) looks 10) Bruce ... a shower at the moment. a) is having b) has c) have

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