f. So, how’s the relationship with Toyota going?, e. It’s fine now, but at the start of the year, it was disastrous., b. Oh, what went wrong?, g. Well, I went over my contact’s head and went directly to his boss at Toyota Motors Europe. I was really trying to clinch a deal., j. Was he annoyed?, a. They were both annoyed. My contact thought I had let him down, and his boss simply decided not to turn up at the meeting. We'd set up a meeting in Brussels by e-mail, but he called it off at the last minute. I’d already checked in at the hotel., d. How did you turn it round?, i. Well, I had to build up my relationship with my original contact again. At first, he kept putting me off. But eventually we met up and I focused on our relationship, not the next sale. Now we get on really well and sometimes play golf together., h. Glad it worked out. Anyway, are you free for a drink later?, c. Well, I'm going to carry on working until about six. We could meet after that..

Building Relationships: Toyota Conversation




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