1) A data source document is needed for a Mail Merge? a) True b) False 2) Mail Merge can be applied to letters, labels and envelopes? a) True b) False 3) To connect your data source, select your mailings ribbon and click Select __________? a) Users b) Customers c) Recipients d) People 4) To add data items to the document click Insert Merge _______? a) Data b) Field c) Name d) Item 5) A Table of ___________ is created to help readers find specific parts or chapters of a Word document? a) Contents b) Items c) Features d) Data 6) Creating a Table of Contents in Word relies the use of specific _________? a) Fonts b) WordArt c) Styles 7) To create a form in Word the ____________ tab must be displayed? a) Page Layout b) Review c) View d) Developer 8) ___________ fields are used to build a form? a) Control b) Build c) Data 9) You are able to track changes on a Word document? a) True b) False 10) Word does NOT have the ability to accept and reject changes when documents edits are reviewed? a) True b) False

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