Alliteration - Repetition of the first letter/sound of two or more consecutive words, Hyperbole - Exaggeration, Rhetorical Questions - A question that does not require an answer, Simile - a comparison using "like" or "as", Emotive Language - Language that creates an emotional response, Adjectives - Words that are used to describe, Compound sentence - Uses a connective to add more information., Adverb - Describes a doing word, Simple sentence - Short, little information, only one type of punctuation., Noun - Naming word, Metaphor - Comparing something by saying it is something else, Complex sentence - Uses two or more types of punctuation with lots information., Verb - A doing word, Onomatopoeia - Describes sounds, Personification - Describing an object as having human characteristics,

Word types, language techniques and sentence structures




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