Daha iyi dersleri daha hızlı oluşturun
I (arrive) late at school. (+), She (carry) a box yesterday. (-), They (help) their father. (?), They (clean) the room last week. (+), The boys (try) to play basketball last night. (+), The car (stop) at the traffic lights. (-), I (visit) my uncle last Sunday. (+), My mum (study) Russian at university. (-), We (finish) the exam at half past three. (+), I (phone) you yesterday but you weren't at home. (+), They (answer) his questions. (?), I (watch) a horror film yesterday with my best friend. (+), They (work) at the shopping mall one year ago. (-) , Emily (bake) a cake for her neighbors last weekend. (+), I (love) her when I was a child. (-) , My uncle (live) in London in 2010. (+), My father (lock) the door before he left. (-), We (plan) a trip to England last month. (+), The people (enjoy) at the party two hours ago. (?), Ronaldo (kick) the ball before injured. (+).




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