1) Right now, my brother ... TV in the living room.  a) watches b) is watching 2) Ann is in her room. She ... her homework.   a) does b) is doing 3) I'm hungry! I ... to eat lunch at the cafeteria.  a) want b) am wanting 4) ... the story about the space aliens?  a) Do they believe b) Are they believing 5) They worked hard and saved their money and now they ... their house.  a) own b) are owning 6) I was bored, so now I ... the dictionary! a) read b) am reading 7) My sister lives in New York. She ... this city a lot.  a) likes b) is liking 8) It's a beautiful day today. It's sunny and the birds ... a) sing b) are singing 9) A. What is Tim doing? B. He ... the food you cooked. a) tastes b) is tasting 10) The kids are outside. They ... in the snow.  a) play b) are playing 11) Thank you for the flowers. I ... them right now.  a) smell b) am smelling 12) A. Can you remember his name? B. No, I ... it. a) forget b) am forgetting  13) A. Do you like the food? B. Yes, it ... wonderful! a) tastes b) is tasting 14) I ... you should sell your car.  a) think b) am thinking 15) It's eight o'clock and I ... to work. I hope I can arrive on time. a) drive b) am driving 16) Most cats don't like swimming. The thing is, they ... water. a) hate b) are hating 17) Did you buy new perfume? It ... really nice.  a) smells b) is smelling 18) Please, don't disturb me while I ... dinner. a) have b) am having 19) Kevin is tired after the long flight. He ... on the sofa. a) sleeps b) is sleeping 20) I ... of selling my car. Are you interested in buying it? a) think b) am thinking 21) Robert ... a large family: three sisters and two brothers. a) has b) is having

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