1) What do we call all of animals and plants in a given habitat? a) Ecosystem b) Community c) Population 2) If there are 56 rabbits living in a woodland then this is an example of a.. a) Community b) Habitat c) Ecosystem d) Population 3) We call where we find organisms their... a) Habitat b) Ecosystem c) Distribution 4) Which piece of sampling equipment would you use to capture a woodlouse a) Pitfall trap b) Pooter c) Sweep net d) Quadrat e) 1/2 5) Which piece of sampling equipment would you use to measure the distribution of dandelions on the school field? a) Pooter b) Pitfall trap c) Quadrat d) Sweep net 6) A quadrat has dimensions of 0.5m X 0.5m. If the mean number of dandelions found per quadrat is 4 and the garden measures 10m x 10mm estimate the number od dandelions in the garden a) 4 b) 40 c) 400 d) 4000 7) If I want to see how daisy numbers are effected by distance from a tree then should I use... a) Random sampling b) Transect 8) You can estimate population size using the capture, recapture technique. Which factors are needed to make the estimate reliable? a) Large sample size b) Time for the released organisms to mix back into the populaion. c) Marking techniques which do not make the orgnaism more likely to die. d) All of these 9) Suggest what the ants might be eating? a) Moss b) Ferns c) Grass d) Woodlice 10) What is this diagram called? a) Zonation b) Distribution c) Kite 11) If we compare this kite diagram with the 1st one, there is a greater... a) Population b) Zonation c) Distribution d) Biodiversity


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