1) What is the first stage of the pumpkin life cycle? a) Seed b) Sprout c) Yellow Flower d) Green Pumpkin 2) What are pumpkins used for? a) Decorations b) Jack-O'-Laterns c) Pie d) All The Above 3) How many stages are there in the pumpkin life cycle? a) Three b) Four c) Five d) Six 4) How are pumpkins and apples similar? a) Both are orange b) Both are red c) Have a stem d) Grow on trees 5) What season do we harvest pumpkins and apples? a) Spring b) Fall c) Winter d) Summer 6) What is the fifth stage of the pumpkin life cycle called? a) Blossom b) Seed c) Vine d) Green Pumpkin 7) Pumpkins have? a) Eyes b) Skin c) Arms d) Legs 8) Where do pumpkins grow? a) On a tree b) On a bush c) In a pot d) On a vine 9) Is this pumpkin living or non-living? a) Living b) Non-Living 10) What is the final stage of a pumpkins life cycle? a) Green pumpkin b) Orange Pumpkin c) Vine d) Blossom




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