work done - Energy transferred in order to move an object, kinetic energy - Energy possessed by a moving object, gravitational potential energy - Energy possessed by an object that is raised above the ground, elastic potential energy - Energy stored in an object that has been stretched or compressed, chemical energy - Energy stored in the bonds of chemical compounds, nuclear energy - Energy stored within the nucleus of an atom, electrical energy - Method of transferring energy from one store to another, specific heat capacity - Energy required to raise the temperature of 1kg of a substance by 1ºC, power - Energy transferred every second, conservation of energy - "Energy cannot be created or destroyed", efficiency - Measure of how much useful work is done compared with how much energy is supplied, insulation - Does not transfer heat or electricity efficiently, energy resource - Type of energy used to generate electricity, hydroelectric - GPE of water is used to generate electricity, fossil fuel - Coal, oil or gas, renewable - Can be replenished within a reasonable timescale, non-renewable - Energy resource that is not replenished as it is used, biofuel - Rotting organic material burnt to generate electricity, carbon neutral - An object that takes in as much carbon as it produces, wind power - Wind turbines used to generate electricity, radiation - Energy in the form of light, reliable - An energy resource that does not depend on things like the weather, solar power - Energy from the Sun used to generate electricity or heat water, spring constant - Force needed to stretch or compress a spring by 1m, useful - Work that is transferred to its intended energy store,




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