Kamikaze - Suicude pilot who returns from war and is seen as an embarassment by his society and his family, Poppies - A mother mourning her dead son, The Emigree - An immigrant reflects on their homeland, War Photographer - A dramatic monologue detailing the internal conflict of a war-time media man, Tissue - Human existence is compared to temporal objects, London - A walk through London during industrial revolution exposes the forgotten lower classes, Extract from, The Prelude - Autobiographical poem detailing a child's growth into manhood, The Charge of the Light Brigade - Propaganda poem that narrates the brave march of a army, Exposure - Dramatic monologue presenting a front-line experience of war, Storm on the Island - An epic monologue exposing the dominance of nature over man, Bayonet Charge - 3rd person grim yet realistic presentation of the dehumanising effect of war on humans, Remains - A flashback poem sharing the guilt felt by soldiers long-after they return home from war, Checking Out Me History - A bold call for de-westernised educational equality, Ozymandias - An ironic look at an obnoxious ruler, My Last Duchess - A haunting dramatic monologue presenting the reader with an insecure protagonist who will go to extreme lengths to preserve his high status,

AQA Power and Conflict Poetry Mix & Match!




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