What's your happiest memory at school?, How important have teachers been in your life so far?, Which is the most important room in your house?, If you had the opportunity to learn a new sport, what would it be?, Is it easy for you to find time to relax every day?, How necessary is it to have good friends?, How might you use your English in the future?, How necessary is to have good friends?, Are you someone who likes to plan for the future, or do you prefer to let things happen?, Looking back in your life, what has been a memorable event for you?, How important are newspapers for you?, Who has had the greatest influence in your life so far?, How easy is it for you to meet new people?, Which countries would you like to visit, why?, What advice would you give to someone coming to visit your country?, Which is more important: money or health?, Would you like to spend some time working in another country?, Do you think that having a lot of free time is a good or bad thing?.

Speaking Part 1 - FCE/CAE

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