1) What does pre mean? a) before b) after c) again 2) What does preheat mean? a) don't heat something b) heat something again c) heat something first 3) What does prewash mean?  a) wash something again b) wash something before 4) What does mis mean? a) wrongly b) correctly c) again 5) What does misunderstand mean? a) understood the events  b) fail to interpret or understand correctly 6) What does un mean? a) able b) not c) wrong 7) What does unkind mean? a) inconsiderate/harsh to others b) considerate to others 8) What does unwrap mean? a) wrap up a package b) remove the wrapping from a package 9) What does unable mean? a) lacking the skill to do something b) can do the skill of an activity  10) What does dis mean? a) wrong b) correct c) not 11) What does dislike mean? a) feel distaste/hostility toward others b) feel love/compassion for others  12) What does disconnect mean? a) keeping a connection b) break the connection between things 13) What does misbehave mean? a) behave badly b) behave well 14) What does preorder mean? a) never order something b) order something before it is released 15) What does unimportant mean? a) not significant or essential b) cannot carry something around 16) What does disobey mean a) doing as you are told b) not doing as you are told 17) What does impossible mean? a) something cannot be done b) something can be done 18) What does irregular mean a) something happens regularly b) something happens without a regular pattern 19) What do you think the prefixes im- and ir- mean? a) not b) always 20) Where do prefixes go? a) before the root word b) after the root word




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