1) I __________ feed my pet every day. a) mustn't b) can c) have d) must 2) Crocodiles _________ climb trees. a) mustn't b) have to c) can't d) should 3) You ___________ wear a uniform at school.  a) mustn't b) have to c) doesn't have to d) can't 4) Jim __________ work on Saturdays.  a) has to b) have to c) don't have to d) mustn't 5) Seals ________ clap. a) can't b) can c) must d) should 6) You _________ wear warm clothes in winter. a) mustn't b) doesn't have to c) should  d) shouldn't 7) _________ I ask you a question, please? a) Must b) Can't c) May d) May not 8) We are in the library. We __________ be quiet. a) has to b) must c) mustn't d) can 9) Lizards ________ run faster than me. a) can b) must c) may d) have to 10) Sally ___________ cook lunch every day. a) can b) has to c) have to d) should 11) You _________ eat at lessons. a) mustn't b) don't have to c) have to d) should 12) ________ I come in? - Yes, you _______ a) Can b) Have c) Should d) May 13) Birds ________ talk. a) mustn't b) can't c) may not d) don't have to

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