Why are these dreams or goals important?, What is keeping you from these dreams or goals?, ank 3 of the most important things in your life in your schooling, family, relationships and love, money, etc., What would you recommend to a friend to do or not to do?, Describe yourself in three words., What is your biggest weakness?, What is your biggest strength?, How would you complete the question: “What if?”., Ask yourself if you treat yourself better than others?, Who is your personality like ?, What do you want to improve in?, Name one thing that has changed with you?, Something that helps me when I am upset is?, Something that helps me feel better is what?, What is one of your sparks (passions, interests, talents)?, What is one thing that sets you off? A trigger., What do you need to remind yourself of, to stay in control when you are trigger?, Name someone you look up to and one reason why?, Name something about yourself? .

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