1) 1. Crime and punishment. Prison is no answer to the crime 2) 2. A crime rate could be reduced if judges gave stricter sentences. How far do you agree with this view? 3) 3.Crime and society. Does crime pay? Benefits and dangers of a criminal lifestyle. 4) 4. What makes young people commit crime? 5) 5. What types of crime do young people usually get into? What should be an appropriate type of punishment for those crimes 6) 6. Gun Control. Gun possession is an individual freedom that shouldn’t be taken away. 7) 7. Soft drug legalization. Should soft drugs be legalized? What can prohibition (of alcohol, tobacco, drugs) lead to? 8) 8. What are the types and classification of a crime? 9) 9. What is the distinction between felonies and misdemeanors? 10) 10. What action can be considered a crime? 11) 11. What is the main difference between a tort and a crime? 12) 12. What crimes are considered to be the gravest from the point of view of Ukrainian law? 13) 13. What are the types of financial crimes? 14) 14. How to avoid cybercrime. The importance of computer security and data protection? 15) 15. Effective measures for counteracting violence in our cities.



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