plagiarize - to use another person's ideas or work and pretend that it is your own, cover - to report the news about a particular important event, eyewitness - a person who saw something happen, credible - able to be believed or trusted; trustworthy, caption - a short piece of text under a picture in a magazine or social media, broadcast - to send out a programme on television or radio, cut down on - do or use LESS of something, hold on to - to keep something you have, come down to - means; expressing the main idea (phrasal v), declutter - remove unnecessary items from some place, spectacular - impressive to look at, remarkable, mediocre - average, ordinary, gripping - exciting or interesting in a way that keeps your attention, flop - a failure (informal), offspring - a child or children, pinch - when you're astonished, you can say: "!",




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