: What time does your favorite shop open?, When do your final exams start?, When is your next Zoom meeting?, Are you doing anything interesting this weekend?, Are you meeting anyone in person this week?, Are you doing anything on Wednesday?, What are you having for dinner tomorrow?, Are you planning anything special for your next birthday?, How organized is your life? How does your calendar look? Any scheduled events? Arrangements?, Are you going to order take out this week?, Are you going to cook this weekend?, What are you going to do in the evening?, What is the next show you are going to watch?, What is the first place you are going to visit when it’s possible to travel again?, What are you going to study in the future?, How do you think the world will change in 20 years?, What will you do after you graduate?, How will your life change in a year?, Will scientists ever discover life on other planets?, How do you think technology will change our lives?, What would you like to do next weekend?, Does your family have any plans for summer vacation?, What would you like to accomplish in the next 5 years?, How do you think our world will be different in 10 years?, If you could design the future, what would you do to make the world a better place?, How do you think technology will evolve in the future?, What are you looking forward to this school year?, How would you like to spend your next birthday?, If you could travel all around the world for the next 100 days, where would you go and why?, If you could live in the future, what year would you go to and what would you expect to see?, What new inventions do you think we will see 3 years from now?, What do you think will happen with climate change in your lifetime?, What are your goals for the next school year?, At this point, one year from now, what would you like to be doing in your life?, What are some things that are unlikely to happen this month?, When do you think people will be able to live on another planet, and how do you think we can do it?, What is the future of education? . . . of the economy? . . . of globalization?,

The Future - Conversational Questions

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