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-Hello, Anna! Are ____ ____ holiday photos? - Yes, they are. I ____ this photo.- It's nice. Did you ____ every day? - Yes. We went ____ the beach in the morning and we ____ all day. I swam in the ____ a lot. I had fun. -Hi, Steve! Did you ____ a good holiday? - Yes, thanks. It was really ____.-What did you ____? Did you ____ snorkelling or cycling? I remember you did snorkelling and cycling last year. - No, I ____ go snorkelling or cycling this time. I ____ something different. I went to the mountains and I went hiking. It was amazing. -Hello, Jane! Did you like ____ holiday? - No, I didn't.- Oh dear! Why? What ____? - The city wasn't interesting. I didn't like the food or the museums. - Oh dear. - It ____ horrible. I ____ bored. -Hi, Bob! Is that you ____ this photo? - Yes, it is. This is the campsite I ____ at. It was next to a ____.-That's nice! Did you put ____ the tent? - Yes, I did. And I cooked ____ everyone. I love ____.

Go Getter 3 (unit 3 workbook audio 8)




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