1) How do I feel when I can play with my friends? a) happy  b) sad c) mad d) tired 2) How do I feel when my family tells me no? a) happy b) nervous c) proud d) mad 3) How do I feel when something is too hard to do? a) sad b) happy c) frustrated d) mad 4) How do I feel when one of my favorite things breaks? a) joyful b) upset c) embarrassed d) scared 5) How do I feel when I walk into a dark room? a) cheerful b) angry c) terrified d) stressed 6) How do I feel when I get all my work done? a) proud b) suffering  c) furious d) surprised 7) How do I feel when I'm sitting by the lake or the swimming pool? a) gloomy b) relaxed c) baffled d) stunned 8) How do I feel when I fall off of my bike and my knees are bleeding? choose 2 a) startled b) annoyed c) sore d) happy 9) How do I feel when there is nothing to do? a) bored b) drowsy c) delighted d) miserable 10) How do I feel when I worked hard all day? a) alone b) furious c) elated d) ready for a break

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