1) Hi, Sean. ... Debbie. a) I'm b) It's 2) Hi, Debbie. What's up? a) Is Kevin here? b) Is Kevin there? 3) No, he's not. He went ... about ten minutes ago. a) out b) off 4) Could I ... a message for him? a) leave b) have 5) Of course. a) Just ask him to phone me. b) Just say him to call me. c) Just ask him to call me. d) Just say him to phone me. 6) Hello. Could I speak to customer services, please? a) Just a hold. b) Just a moment. 7) Customer services. a) Hello. This is Alan Simpson. I've got a problem. b) Hello. It's Alan Simpson. I've got a problem. 8) Could you ... me back? a) ring b) call 9) Let me ... that. a) check b) buzz 10) Fine. Hang up and I'll call you ... straightaway. a) up b) back

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