1) The elephant is the ... animal in the world. a) large b) larger c) largest 2) The lion is ... than the rat. a) large b) larger c) the largest 3) The snake has a ... body than the turtle. a) long b) longer c) the longest 4) The giraffe has ... neck among land animals. a) long b) longer than c) the longest 5) The horse runs ... than the cow. a) fast b) faster c) the fastest 6) The crocodile isn't ... the elephant.  a) strong b) stronger than c) the stronger 7) The dog is... But the cat is nicer. a) nice b) nicer c) the nicest 8) Pig is a very ... animal. a) funny b) funnier c) funniest 9) The duck is ... than the sheep. a) small b) smaller c) the smallest 10) The rabbit is ... than the mouse. a) big b) bigger c) the biggest

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