Where are you from?, Do you have a job or are you still a student?, How long have you been studying English?, What do you enjoy most about learning English?, How do you like to spend your free time?, What would your ideal job be?, Are you the kind of person who can do two things at once?, Are you planning to do any courses in the near future?, Do you use social networking sites a lot?, Would you enjoy preparing food for a large number of people?, Do you like to give yourself targets or goals?, If you won the lottery what would you do?, How often do you get around to working out?, What are the pros and cons of doing physical activity?, Have you ever had an amazing sporting experience?, Are there any times that you would rather relax to unwind from the stress of your routine rather than be active?, What has been your greatest sporting achievement?, What would you consider to be your greatest achievement?, What is success? Define it., Is money an essential part of success nowadays?, Can massive failures ever contribute towards a person’s success?, Have you ever failed miserably at something?, How has the internet changed the way we communicate?, What negative effects has the internet had on our social lives?, Are you keen on talking on the phone? Why (not)?, When was the last time you sent a personal letter?, Which forms of communication will become obsolete?, How important is our diet in living a healthy life?, Would you ever consider having cosmetic surgery?, Do you visit the doctor as often as you should?, Are people aware of the dangers of cigarettes and alcohol?, What is the best way of preventing or dealing with drug addiction?, Do you know anyone who has been a victim of crime?, Should any illegal substances such as cocaine be legalized?, What is the most serious crime one can commit?, What can we do to ensure that youngsters don’t get involved in criminal behaviour?, What is the most common crime in your region?, What are the benefits of having a fixed routine?, Are you a fan of taking up new activities?, Would you say you are more of an early riser or a night-owl?, When was the last time you made drastic changes to your daily routine?, What is your opinion on flexitime at work?, Would you say that young people concern themselves with environmental issues?, Are there any types of natural disaster that occur in your country?, What can be done to prevent global warming?, Are national governments doing enough to stop the effects of climate change?, Do you think it should be obligatory to recycle, punishable with a fine?, What measures do you put in place to make sure you use your time effectively?, Do you ever procrastinate? Why (not)?, Name a situation in which you need to kill time, Do you enjoy hanging out with your family?, What types of activities do you need to take your time over?, What’s your view of online shopping?, Do you think shopping on the internet will ever overtake the conventional way of shopping?, What possible drawbacks could shopping online have?, Do you reckon that people spend money on things that they do not need nowadays?, When was the last time you spend an arm and a leg?, Is it a good idea to stay in the same job your whole life or to try different things?, Have you ever experienced great success at work?, Would you ever consider changing career paths?, Have you ever been fired from your job? Why?, Have you ever been unemployed for a long period of time? How did/would you feel?, Is it essential to get a degree in today’s society?, Which types of degrees are better, vocational or academic?, Would you dare say that you are a good student?, What can students learn from failing exams?, How could the education system be improved in your country?, Are you keen on travelling alone or with others?, What are the possible difficulties faced when travelling abroad?, Is travelling to a different country the best way to learn a language?, Have you ever had a nightmare trip? Why?, Due to the improvement of living standards, has travelling become easier in recent times?, Would you say that technology has improved our lives?, What are the possible risks of using the internet?, What can be done about addiction to technology?, What are the advantages and disadvantages to owning a mobile phone?, In which ways can technology impede our progress at school/university/work?, Have new technologies made us more or less sociable?, Would you say you value the opinion of your friends or family more?, Do you get on with all the members of your family?, Do you need to cut down on the amount of time you spend with anyone you know?, How can your family help you cut out behaviour that can be detrimental to your progress?, How do you most enjoy spending your free time?, How have your ambitions changed in the last few years?, Do you still have the same friends you had when you were a child?, Where would you like to go on your next holiday? …… (Why?), Do you consider yourself a risk-taker? …… (Why? / Why not?), Does music play an important role in your life? …… (Why? / Why not?), When was the last time you celebrated something important?, Where do you see yourself in ten years’ time?, What’s the most interesting thing you have done lately?, Can you tell us about something you have done that you’re really proud of?, What’s the best thing about the area where you live? …… (Why?), Do you prefer to go on holiday with family or with friends? …… (Why?), Are you an avid reader? …… (Why? / Why not?), How do you think learning a foreign language can help you?, What was your favourite subject at school/college? …… (Why?), What person has had the greatest influence on your life? …… (Why?).

C1 Speaking Part 1 - Most frequent/possible questions.

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