1) She _____________ a red dress today. a) is wearing b) wears c) wear d) wearing 2) We usually _______ pizza. a) are having b) have c) has d) having 3) They often ________ to this restaurant. a) comes b) are coming c) come d) coming 4) The family _________ by the window today. a) are sitting b) sit c) sits d) sitting 5) He never ____________ soup for dinner. a) have b) has c) is having d) having 6) At break time, I usually _______ with my friends. a) am playing b) is playing c) plays d) play 7) Look at that boy! He ___________ very fast! a) runs b) 's running c) run d) running 8) Usually, our teachers ____________ us much homework. a) don't give b) doesn't give c) aren't giving d) isn't giving 9) Mum _____________ on the phone now. a) doesn't talk b) isn't talk c) isn't talking d) don't talk 10) What time _____________ dinner? a) do you eat b) does you eat c) are you eating d) are you eat 11) I rarely _________ a cup of coffee in the morning. a) drink b) drinks c) am drinking d) drinking 12) He sometimes ___________ a bowl of salad. a) having b) have c) has d) is having 13) Hurry up! Everybody __________ for you! a) is waiting b) waits c) wait d) waiting 14) Be quiet. Max _______. a) is sleeping b) sleeping c) sleeps d) sleep 15) We never ________ TV in the evening. a) watching b) are watching c) watches d) watch

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