1) Micky could not ___________ the door. a) reheat b) unlock c) unhappy 2) Jackie was _____________because her daughter forgot to call. a) unhappy b) preview c) overheated 3) Rosy missed four question on her _____________. a) pretest b) unacceptable c) preschool 4) Jason wanted to get to the movie in time to see the _____________. a) overcharge b) unanswered c) preview 5) Jack felt the shopkeeper has ______________ her for the fruit. a) recharge b) overcharge c) relock 6) Jack left the question about the cheetah __________ a) overlook b) reactive c) unanswered 7) When Donald was in ____________ he enjoyed playing with blocks a) preschool b) underschool c) recharge 8) Select the word that is real word. a) review b) disanswer  c) prearm  9) Select the word that is real word. a) unactive b) non allowed c) unmask 10) select the word that is NOT a real word a) reactivate b) resweep c) relike

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