arson - the crime of intentionally burning something, such as a building, blackmail - the crime of forcing someone to do something, or to pay you money, by saying you will tell another person something that they want to keep secret, burglary - the crime of getting into a building illegally and stealing things, manslaughter - the crime of killing someone without intending to kill them, murder - the crime of intentionally killing someone, robbery - stealing something by using force or threatening to use force, smuggling - to take something into or out of a place in an illegal or secret way, theft - the action or crime of stealing something, shoplifter - the crime of stealing things from a shop, domestic violence - aggressive behavior within the home, pickpocketing - the crime of stealing things out of people's pockets or bags, especially in a crowd, carjacking - the crime of stealing a car while someone is in it by using physical force or threats, joyriding - stealing a car for pleasure, vandalism - the crime of intentionally damaging property belonging to other people:, kidnapping - stealing a kid or a person, bullying - the behaviour of a person who hurts or frightens someone smaller or less powerful,,



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