1) This is a very _________ book. a) well b) good 2) She finishes her homework _______. a) fast b) fastly 3) The music band plays very ______. a) loud b) loudly 4) Mum is _________. a) happy b) happily 5) He plays tennis really ________. a) good b) well 6) Tom walks_______. a) quick b) quickly 7) He's a ________ driver. a) carefully b) carefull 8) I play the piano very ______. a) good b) well 9) She walks _______. a) slow b) slowly 10) We live in a ________ city. a) quiet b) quietly 11) She speaks _______. a) quiet b) quietly 12) I'm a _______ student. a) slow b) slowly 13) He speaks______. a) angry b) angrily 14) The music is _______. a) terrible b) terribly 15) Sam is really _______ at Maths. a) badly b) bad 16) My teacher speaks _______. a) clear b) clearly 17) good a) adverb b) adjective 18) well a) adverb b) adjective 19) hard work a) adverb b) adjective 20) late evening a) adverb b) adjective 21) My mother works late every evening. a) adverb b) adjective 22) поганий a) bad b) badly 23) погано a) bad b) badly 24) добре a) well b) good 25) хороший a) well b) good 26) тихий a) quiet b) quietly 27) тихо a) quiet b) quietly 28) обережний a) carefull b) carefully 29) обережно a) carefull b) carefully 30) жахливий a) terrible b) terribly 31) жахливо a) terrible b) terribly 32) The film is ______. a) good b) well

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