1) Tell the nationalities for: Russia, Ireland, Greece, Brazil, Argentina, Japan, Spain, France 2) Это мой ключ, а тот твой 3) Это платье дорогое, а то дешевле. 4) Is that my book? - No, it isn't. That is ....... 5) Это Машина сумка. 6) Choose the words for "money exchange": cola, euros, battery, sandwich, exchange rate 7) Choose the words for "train station": train, newspaper, platform, single ticket, umbrella 8) Where is the person? "Can I have a single to Sydney, please?" 9) Можно мне сэндвич, пожалуйста? 10) Билет в оба конца 11) Complete the phrases: .........films \TV; ............coffee\water; ............running\to the cinema 12) What do members of a sport group like? page 18 13) What do members of a "laid-back group" like? page 18 14) Create 3 questions for travel group. page 18 15) Look through the text and tell about S.Williams routine. page 21 16) Create 5 sentences: Every morning I ..... 17) Tell the time in words: 3:45; 9:15: 5:30; 7:55 18) Put the question in the correct order: 1) it\ time\ what\ does\ start?: 2) When\the tour\ finish\doees? 19) Put the question in the correct order: 1) much\ does\ how \it\cost\? 2) take\do\credit cards\you\take? 20) Do you __________a lot of junk food? What and When?

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