Favorite Guilty Pleasure, Favorite TV Show, Favorite Super Hero, Super Power You'd Like to Have?, Favorite Go-To Food, Favorite Dessert, Famous Person You'd Like to Meet, Favorite School Subject?, Dream Vacation?, Dream Vacation Destination?, Special Little Talent? (Curl tongue, Cross your toes, etc.), Favorite Musician or Band?, Your favorite app (or activity) to waste time on?, Favorite Ice Cream Flavor?, Your Favorite Quote?, What Cheesy Song Do You Know All The Words To?, Silliest Way You Ever Got Injured?, Favorite Holiday?, Favorite Amusement Park Ride?, Food Everyone Seems to Like But You Hate?, Your Favorite Joke (G-rated)?, Longest time you had to "wait"? (Location and Reason), What hobby would you like to try?, Best purchase you ever made?, Best Costume You Wore For Halloween, What "Made For TV" Gadget/Product Do You Endorse?, What item/thing/skill would you be great at teaching others?.

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