You are guilty of arson. You set fire to your neighbour’s car. Nobody was injured,but why did you do it?, You are guilty of kidnapping. You kidnapped the wife of a wealthy man. You askedfor $5m ransom. Why did you do it, You are guilty of bribery. You tried to bribe a planning officer $20,000 to let you builda modern extension to your home in the old part of the city., You are guilty of stalking. You stalked a famous actor for two years. You sent over500 letters in this time and the police found you in the actor’s garden., You are guilty of tax evasion. You are a builder and have paid no tax for five years.The police estimate you have earnt $1m in that time., You are guilty of vandalism. You have sprayed graffiti on over eighty trains. The costof cleaning them has been $50,000., You are guilty of identity theft. You stole the identity of four people to get bankloans and credit cards. You spent $150,000., You are a mugger. You have been found guilty of mugging fifteen people. You stoletheir wallets and mobiles at knifepoint but didn’t physically hurt anyone., You are guilty of counterfeiting. You have a factory which makes copies of designerhandbags. You employ 40 people and made $500,000., You are guilty of shoplifting. You were caught after you stole three pairs of jeans anda T-shirt from a high street clothes store., You are a pickpocket. You were caught on the metro system and admittedpickpocketing five people. You stole only wallets and purses., You are guilty of hacking. You entered military sites, which contained highlyconfidential and extremely sensitive information. Why did you do it?.



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