Incorrect: When we came, mum is cooking., I drinked some water., What is you going to do now?, Wow, look for this!, She has never any money., He always come late., There will be a test at Monday., I going to go to the zoo., Luke visiting his grandma., Are you run every morning?, This street is more long than that., This cake is the deliciest of all., Do you hungry?, I eat often pasta., You don't should do this., There aren't some knives., I'm not teacher., She's from the Japan., You late for school., The tables was dirty., I want to be more rich., He'll come in 2 o'clock., Hurry! There isn't no time!, Dan was buyed oranges., Correct: When I entered, my brother was singing., I woke up late today., We're going to buy a new car., Just look at this picture, ha-ha!, The football match was exciting., We live opposite the cinema., We always go to Egypt in May., She's taking a bath now., I was working in IT for 10 years., My cousin Jack is a volunteer., Mary never shares her secrets., Grandpa feels better today., I seldom go swimming., You should eat less fastfood., Josh really likes rap., Is there any milk?, I taught German last year.,

Grammar moles A1-B1


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