____ name is Sarah. I am a student at Oxford University. Are ____ a student too? ____ have a big family, two brothers and one sister, a dog and my cat Ginger. This is my father. ____ is a police officer. ____ parents are very busy people. ____ work very hard. Does ____ mother work hard? What does ____ do? My brothers are ____ best friends. ____ names are John and Paul. ____ brother John plays in the school football team. ____ is the goalkeeper. Do ____ have a brother? What's ____ name? This is ____ sister. Her name is Jane. My sister is always on the phone with ____ boyfriend. ____ live in Oxford. ____ is a small town but very nice. ____ house is comfortable. We have a garden with lovely flowers. Do you and ____ family live in a house or an apartment? ____ family and I love the sea. ____ often go to the beach. My grandparents don't live in Oxford, but ____ come to visit once a month. ____ grandmother is a fantastic cook! ____ chocolate cake is famous. University is ok. My favourite subject is Maths. This gentleman in the photo is ____ English teacher. ____ name is Paul Smith. I have a boyfriend, Charles. ____ is very intelligent and handsome too. These are David and Tim, ____ neighbours. ____ live just across the street. David and I play tennis together at the club. ____ is a very good player. My friends and I go out every Saturday. ____ usually go to a bar or a disco. Today is a special day for me. ____ is my birthday!

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