1) Where does Tom live? a) Bolton b) Bradford c) Birmingham d) Brighton 2) Who does he live with? a) His wife and 2 children. b) His wife and 3 children. c) His 3 children. d) His wife. 3) Where does he work? a) In a dental surgery b) In a shop. c) In a school. d) In a garage. 4) Does Tom have any pets? a) He has a cat. b) He has a fish. c) He doesn't have a pet d) he has a dog. 5) Where does he go for a walk? a) the park b) the beach c) the high street d) the football pitch  6) What does Tom like? a) to play tennis b) to play football c) to play computer games d) to play basket ball

Reading Summative Assessment Entry 1




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