1) This text is a a) letter. b) poster. c) report. 2) The main purpose of this text is: a) to ask you to contact Sue. b) to persuade you to join the sports centre. c) to tell you how to get fit. 3) Select all the organisational features used in this section of the text. a) text box b) web page menu c) bullet points d) heading 4) What is the singular form of families? a) familey  b) famly  c) family 5) What is the singular form of facilities? a) facility b) facilitey  c) faculty 6) What is the plural of centre? a) centers b) centres c) centrers 7) Children is: a) a singular noun b) a regular plural noun c) an irregular plural noun 8) What is the singular form of people? a) person b) peoples c) persons




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