1) It’s _______________ today than yesterday. [hot] a) hottest b) hotter c) the hottest 2) The Burj Khalifa skyscraper in Dubai is _____ building in the world. [tall] a) taller b) the tallest c) the most tall 3) I think Maths is _______________ than English. [difficult] a) the most difficult b) difficultest c) more difficult 4) Who is _____ person in your class? [friendly] a) the most friendly b) the friendliest c) friendlier 5) The weather is _______________ in July than in June. [sunny] a) sunnier b) sunnyer c) more sunnier 6) We are _____ today more than yesterday. (lazy) a) lazier b) lazyer c) lazyest 7) Giraffes have _______ necks than zebras. (long) a) long b) the longest c) longer 8) English is __________ than Polish. (easy) a) more easy b) easier c) the easiest 9) My school is _________ in the city. (large) a) large b) larger c) the largest

Comparative and superlative adjectives


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