1) Mrs. Peters looked at the stack of tests in front of her. She wanted them all graded so she could have them back to her students tomorrow. 2) John’s teammates cheered loudly when he hit a home run in the ninth inning. His team ended up winning the game! Where is John? 3) Linda was up very late last night. How does she feel today? 4) The turkey was on the platter and my Dad made several slices before cutting off the leg. What tool was my dad using? 5) After the dog and the kids ran in from the muddy yard, the kitchen floor looked dirty. Mom cleaned it in just a few minutes. What did Mom use? 6) Chris is smiling and jumping up and down. How does Chris feel? 7) After only one week of lessons, Joe could play a song on the white keys. What was Joe using? 8) The children cleaned up the table and loaded the dishwasher. Where are the children? 9) Tommy tried out for the lead in the school play, but someone else got the part. How does Tommy feel? 10) Sam stood beside the pool, with a whistle in his hand, watching the children. Who is Sam? 11) The man began the day with small tools to clean his patient’s teeth. He placed a bib on his patient. He found one cavity! After all the teeth were cleaned, he gave his patient a toothbrush. Who was the man? 12) The man puts on a white shirt and begins to chop carrots. Behind him is a pot of boiling soup. He chooses some other vegetables and chops them to place into the soup. When it is done, he pours a bowl of hot soup and hands it to the waitress. Who is the man? 13) Bradley went to the hot food line to get a hot dog and mashed potatoes. Where was Bradley? 14) We waited in line with our suitcases. When it was our turn, Dad got out our tickets. Then we took our suitcase to the baggage X-ray machines. We went through the security check and got to our gate in plenty of time. Where did this happen? 15) One officer questioned the thief while the other officer fingerprinted him. Where were the officers? 16) Debbie took off the lid from the box and dumped the pieces on the table. Then she started to fit the pieces together to make a picture. What was Debbie playing with? 17) White flakes fell from the sky and covered the roads. Carol crawled out of bed and looked out the window. She knew it would be the perfect day to snuggle up with her favorite book, slippers, and a cup of hot cocoa. Her eyes lit up when she realized she definitely wouldn’t have school today. What did Carol see outside? 18) “Ohhhh, Ahhh,” said the boys. As another one sparkled in the sky, they jumped for joy. Boom! As soon as the show was over, the tired boys went home to bed. What kind of show were the boys watching? 19) The man in overalls climbed the ladder and said, “ I think I will do one coat of white for the bedroom walls, then I’ll do two coats of blue in the living room.” Who is the man? 20) After he tightens his skates, he pulls on his face mask, grabs his stick and takes his place on  21) Tessa watched it collect acorns and run up the tall tree. What was Tessa watching? 22) Maria put the cap back on after she brushed her teeth. What did Maria put the cap on? 23) It was rainy and windy. Henry looked out the window and saw the falling leaves. The leaves had changed colors and now it was getting colder and they were beginning to pile up in the yard. Where is Henry when he’s watching the leaves fall? 24) Tami looked up at the wall, realizing she was late she began to hurry. What did Tami see on the wall?


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