1) Anne is 12 years old. _______ mother is Sue. a) HER b) HIS c) MY 2) _______ name is Paola. I'm a teacher. a) HER b) HIS c) MY 3) Anthony is 5 years old. _______ mother is Susan. a) HER b) HIS c) MY 4) This is an elephant. _______ trunk (nose) is very long. a) YOUR b) HIS c) ITS 5) Amy and Sam are twins. _______ dog is black and white. a) OUR b) YOUR c) THEIR 6) He is a famous actor. _______ name is Daniel Radcliffe. a) HIS b) HER c) ITS 7) You are students. _______ school is in Edinburgh. a) YOUR b) MY c) THEIR 8) Batman is a superhero. _______ car is very fast. a) HIS b) HER c) ITS 9) We love video games. _______ favourite game is FIFA. a) OUR b) THEIR c) YOUR 10) Eagles are beautiful. _______ wings are large. a) YOUR b) THEIR c) ITS 11) ______ teeth are big. a) ITS b) HIS c) HER 12) ______ hair is long. a) THEIR b) HIS c) HER

Possessive adjective practice


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