1) He isn't ___ to play basketball. a) tall enough b) enough tall c) too tall 2) She is ___ to go out. a) busy too b) too busy c) busy enough 3) I'm ___ to go to the cinema a) too tired b) enough tired c) tired enough 4) Is it ___ to go for a walk to the park? a) too warm b) warm enough 5) It's ___ to meet your friends. a) late enough b) too late 6) He's ___ to drive a car. a) too young b) young enough 7) This water is ___ to drink. a) too clean b) clean enough 8) I'm ___ to clean my room. a) too lazy b) lazy enough 9) I can't carry this table. I'm not _________. a) too strong b) strong enough 10) This snake isn't a good pet. It's ____________. a) too dangerous b) dangerous enough 11) I can't buy this shampoo. It isn't ________. a) too cheap b) cheap enough 12) You can't wear these shoes. Your feet are _________. a) too big b) enough big 13) There are ___ ____ people here! a) too many b) too much 14) There is ___ _____ rice on my plate! a) too much b) too many

Too / enough


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