1) There isn't _______ milk left. a) much b) many 2) How _____ bread is there in the cupboard? a) much b) many 3) How _______ eggs go in the cake mix? a) much b) many 4) He's got ________ sweets in his pocket.  a) a few b) a little 5) There is ________ sugar in this ice cream. a) many b) a lot of 6) How _______orange juice do you drink ? a) many b) much 7) There are ________ apples in the fridge. a) a few b) a little 8) There's ______ butter left. a) a few b) a little 9) He´s got _________ raisins. a) a lots of b) lots of 10) I have __________ money to lend you. a) a little  b) a few 11) Are there _________ flowers in the balcony? a) much b) many c) a lot of 12) There isn't _______ time to do it now. a) much b) many 13) There are still _________ aborigines in the land. a) a little b) a few 14) There aren't _______ shops open these days. a) much b) many 15) Are there _________ new films on Netflix? a) lot of b) a lot of

Quantifiers - Fill in the gaps (Optimise A2 - unit 5)

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