1) I will walk to your house ______ we can play a game. a) because b) although c) so d) until 2) Sam went to the shop ______ there was no bread. a) Although b) because c) and d) but 3) Laura bought some chicken ____ made a pie. a) and b) if c) since d) therefore 4) David cried loudly _______ he was kicked accidentally. a) before b) after c) until d) during 5) Paul played his guitar _______ it was time for bed. a) until b) therefore c) if d) so 6) Louise would not go to the park ____ Fred was going too. a) and b) so c) after d) if 7) Jack did his homework _______ he got lots of it wrong. a) because b) therefore c) although d) since 8) I put on my shoes _____ I went out to play. a) so b) since c) and d) therefore 9) I can't eat my dessert _____ after dinner. a) until b) although c) if d) therefore 10) I can't go out tonight _____ I have to stay in and do my homework. a) because b) although c) but d) until 11) It has been a long time _____ I last played football. a) although b) since c) and d) but 12) I was going to eat the sweets ___ I saved them for my sister. a) therefore b) since c) after d) but 13) She was nice to me ___________ she wouldn't let me play with the Lego. a) since b) therefore c) if d) although 14) _____ he was wise and brave, Arthur became the next king. a) therefore b) after c) since d) and 15) _____ it was raining, Ravi and his friends played football. a) since b) although c) therefore d) but 16) Mimi had a toothache;_____ her mother took her to the dentist. a) therefore, b) although c) whereas d) if 17) No one believed what he said _____ he always told lies. a) since b) therefore c) so d) although 18) _____ I played well, I lost the match. a) therefore b) although c) if d) and 19) Your marks are very low; _____ you have to work harder. a) but b) although c) if d) therefore, 20) _____ it was going to rain, Siti took an umbrella with her. a) if b) although c) since d) but 21) _____ she is a famous actress, she is not proud. a) although b) therefore c) and d) but 22) Alex has not paid for the trip; _____ he cannot go tomorrow. a) therefore, b) until c) if d) but 23) He did not take any medicine _____ he was very sick. a) if b) so c) although d) whereas 24) My sister did not sing with the choir _____ she had a bad cough. a) although b) since c) until d) if  25) We did not practice hard enough; _____ we lost. a) but b) until c) therefore, d) although 26) _____ the man has a lot of money, he is not happy. a) whereas b) although c) therefore d) so 27) Jack's leg is injured; _____ he will not be able to play today. a) because b) but c) therefore, d) until 28) Delia came to school _____ she was sick. a) since b) so c) although d) therefore 29) The show was over, ______ the audience left. a) although b) so c) until d) because

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