I refuse ____ a gym - it's too expensive. David dislikes ____. He avoids it at all costs. I've given up ____. My back hurts too much. Did you manage ____ the exam? Lots of people avoid ____ alcohol due to health reasons. I can't help ____ in love with you. I miss ____ to her for hours... She suggested ____ to the amusement park. He promised ____ ____ with my exam. He offered ____ her up on his way to the party. They threatened ____ him unless he gave them all his money. He advised ____ ____ for the exam. He warned ____ ____ carefully as it was foggy. David told ____ ____ Mary as she always lies. I couldn't convince ____ ____ to my party. She's still angry with me. Remind ____ ____ granny ____ with us in summer. She'll like it! He was accused of ____ the phone, but he denied ____ such a thing.

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