1) He is ... boyfriend. a) she b) her c) hers 2) I see ... brother there every Monday. a) you b) yours c) your 3) The dog can bite ... tail. a) it b) its c) itself 4) Show ... your book, please. a) I b) my c) me 5) That is a house of ... . a) they b) their c) them 6) This cake is for Carol and ... . a) I b) me c) my 7) Jack is in the garden. Bring ... the snack. a) he b) him c) his 8) What´s your telephone number? I don´t know ... a) him b) it c) his 9) The children are hungry. Give ... an apple. a) they b) their c) them 10) Where is the mouse? I can´t see ... a) she b) her c) it 11) We are thirsty. Can you give ... some juice or water? a) we b) us c) our 12) The roses are for your mother. Please, give ... to ... . a) them ... her b) them ... she c) they ... her 13) I´m sorry. I can´t tell ... what happend. a) you b) your c) you´re 14) These clothes are for poor people. Can you bring ... to the Red Cross? a) they b) it c) them



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