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Key Stage 1

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House elem
House elem Labelled diagram
Getting to know you
Getting to know you Random wheel
Months Wordsearch
christmas quiz
christmas quiz Quiz
past tense suffix rules
past tense suffix rules Group sort
2nd, 3rd & mixed conditionals
2nd, 3rd & mixed conditionals Random wheel
The uk for Ks1
The uk for Ks1 Labelled diagram
Proper and Common Nouns
Proper and Common Nouns Group sort
Contractions flip tiles
Contractions flip tiles Find the match
Match the Months Up in Order
Match the Months Up in Order Match up
Days of the Week
Days of the Week Random wheel
French Colours
French Colours Random wheel
past tense verbs
past tense verbs Quiz
rosie revere quiz
rosie revere quiz Labelled diagram
Computer parts and Functions
Computer parts and Functions Match up
Adverbs Random wheel
PSHE walkabout game
PSHE walkabout game Simple tiles
Weather french
Weather french Quiz
food categories
food categories Group sort
micro teach
micro teach Quiz
Prepositions TGPS
Prepositions TGPS Match up
Physical Features Quiz
Physical Features Quiz Quiz
contractions Match up
Gruffalo Quiz
Gruffalo Quiz Quiz
Sentence Starters
Sentence Starters Random wheel
Matching pairs Christmas
Matching pairs Christmas Matching pairs
Islam tgps
Islam tgps Wordsearch
Memory Game
Memory Game Conveyor belt
Group sort1 prefixes
Group sort1 prefixes Group sort
Gruffalo Pairs
Gruffalo Pairs Matching pairs
Guess the material
Guess the material Flip tiles
Food Quiz
Right or Wrong?
Right or Wrong? Group sort
Match uk words and pictures
Match uk words and pictures Matching pairs
What animal
What animal Find the match
for grade 1(adjective)
for grade 1(adjective) Categorize
Fruit and vegetables conveyor
Fruit and vegetables conveyor Conveyor belt
igh reading coveyor belt
igh reading coveyor belt Conveyor belt
contractions Find the match
Matching pairs science
Matching pairs science Matching pairs
what are the vowels
what are the vowels Flip tiles