1) What colour are the Gruffalo's eyes? a) Green b) Purple c) Orange d) Black e) Yellow f) Pink 2) What does the Gruffalo have at the end of his nose? a) A poisonous wart b) Grass c) Hair d) Snot e) Fluff f) Spider 3) What has the Gruffalo got on his back? a) A backpack b) Wings c) Purple prickles d) Arms e) Legs f) Jet packs 4) What animal does the mouse meet first? a) The owl b) The snake c) The fox d) The Gruffalo's child e) The Gruffalo f) The grasshopper 5) What is the mouse's favourite food? a) Gruffalo crumble b) Scrambled snake c) Owl ice cream d) Roasted fox e) Chicken f) Fish




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